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4 Hispanics and a gay guy. We should have a show on bravo but this will have to do. We write one shots and imagines. Leave us your requests.

Sunday, 9 - 02 - 2014

It’s yours and Niall’s wedding day, you’re going around greeting everyone at the reception, friends families and a few other celebrity guests. As you’re talking to your best friend you suddenly stop when you hear the intro to your pop star boyfriend’s song ‘You & I’ you look around the reception for Niall because this is you guys’ song, but he is nowhere to be found…..then you spot him. Niall is slowly walking towards you singing his solo and you smile as you see him approaching, he then hands his mic to Andy while the rest of the boys continue singing as Niall takes you to the middle of the dance floor to have your first official dance as a married couple. You can’t keep your eyes off of Niall admiring him, forgetting that there’s people around, in that moment it’s just you and your dashing husband just the two of you, in that moment you keep thinking of how did you get so lucky to marry such an amazing guy! During your dance everything flashes back, from when you met to your first date to when he asked you to be his girlfriend to when you moved in together to everything that happened between you guys for 3yrs and finally to the day the he proposed to you, you shed a tear but you can’t look away from Niall, his blooming ocean water eyes look at you in awwwwe and he smiles as though he knows what you’re thinking about, because he too is having the same flashback. As the boys keep singing just before Zayn sings his high note Niall twirls you like the princess you are in your astonishing wedding dress, he pulls you back in and the moment Zayn sings “cause you & I!!!” Niall dips you into the most romantic kiss you guys have ever shared, you can’t help but smile while kissing his soft pink lips,you soon come back to reality when you hear your guests cheering and clapping for you guys. As the song ends Niall whispers to you “I love you, forever and always Mrs. Horan”

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